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DON KOEHLER, Ph.D is a therapist specializing in individual, couples and family therapy in the treatment of anxiety, trauma, depression, and relationship conflicts.  As a Licensed Clinical Psychologist for over 25 years with a private practice in Virginia and Colorado and a doctoral degree from the University of Denver in Human Development & Counseling Psychology, he sees his role as one of compassionate and focused support and encouragement. His approach to therapy is a collaboration between client and therapist that utilizes mindfulness-based, cognitive, transpersonal, and Internal Family Systems models. He brings an integral (comprehensive) and developmental approach to everyone he works with.  He believes that everyone has a healing intelligence that if listened to and allowed to "speak" will provide the necessary wisdom for healing and growth. He is currently training to become a psychedelics-assisted therapist, to be completed in May 2023.

He is happily married to an amazing woman, a proud father of a son, two daughters, and two grandchildren. He meditates daily and is an avid bicyclist. He enjoys hiking and doing the Argentine tango (pre-pandemic). A regular Integral Life Practice group helps keep him accountable for his wellness and growth practices toward being his best with work and family.  

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